Welcome to Our Family

We’re Rachel and Ben, a loving, fun and adventurous couple living in New York. We are hoping to complete our family with a bundle of joy we will love and care for forever.

We love to spend time with each other! We love traveling, exploring, and being with family. Seeing new places, taking long walks, and having fun together outdoors are some of our favorite things to do.

From Italy to Panama, Texas to Washington D.C., we love experiencing new parts of the world. We’re always excited to try new foods, see new places and learn more about the people around us.

On the weekends, we love to wander around New York. We have a great time watching plays, exploring new neighborhoods and trying out new restaurants.


Whether it’s art, history or nature, we’re always up for a trip to New York’s many museums.

Starting our family has been the most incredible experience of our lives! We have so much more love to give and can’t wait to complete our family!